Need a pair of eyes to check your writing before you send it out to your readers? I can help get your text into shape before it reaches your audience.

Eyeline Editing is a sole trader editing/writing service run by Merran Laver, who has long-term experience working with the written word in the health and medical fields, as well as a diversity of other disciplines, such as science.

All documents sent to Eyeline Editing are handled with a high degree of confidentiality. The content will not be discussed with anyone; if another party related to the editorial or writing process is to be consulted on any matter while working on the document, this will only be done with the client’s full understanding and permission.  

If required, a non-disclosure agreement form can be signed before work commences.

Your document will receive Merran's full, undivided attention as one job at a time only is worked on until its completion; this ensures a thorough editing process is carried out without distraction.

Please contact Merran to find out more, for a sample edit or for a quote on a job, using the Contact form.